Need a website?

There are many factors that go into building a good-looking, functional website:

  • Structure/Function – How is it built and what purpose will it serve? People won’t look at it if they can’t figure it out.
  • Design – What branding and colors will you use? People won’t look at it if it’s ugly.
  • Content – What will you be putting on your site? Strictly information?  Media?  News?  Whatever you decide, people won’t look at it if you don’t update it regularly (if that is what site set up requires).
  • Capacity – Do you have the time, money, energy, and staff to update the website or are you doing it all yourself?  If it’s too much to handle, you won’t update it and guess what: people won’t look at it.
  • Audience – Who will be using your website?  Does it need to have different tones, designs, or content for specific users?  If people don’t’ find any value or use in your website, they won’t look at it.

The hidden/underlying costs of building a website

Building a website includes more than just purchasing your www.  In addition to the domain name (the address people type in to get to your website), you may also need to purchase hosting (the space where your website is located), a template or theme (the design/physical layout of your website, add-on apps or plugins, and so on.  It is important to keep your budget in mind when you are planning your website.  The good news is you don’t need hundreds of dollars to build a website.

All hosts and services are not created equal

Platforms like Wix and Weebly, commonly referred to as “drag-n-drop” builders, may work for some and not for others.  In my humble opinion, I think you can instantly tell the quite obviously difference when you go to a professionally-built site and one that was put together using one of these sites unless some serious thought is put into it.


What type of website will I need?

Infographic: What type of website do I need?

So, do you need a website?  Holla at me!