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Rachel’s Roundup: Top 10 FREE Stock Photo Sources

Do you have a website or create brochures, flyers and newsletters? If you answered “yes,” chances are you’ve racked your brain once or twice trying to find high quality photos to complement your content.

Ideally, you would want to feature your own clients, products, and local scenery, but we know this isn’t always possible. Sometimes privacy policies and ethics sometimes prevent us from using them. For those of us with limited resources, we can’t all afford to run out and take photos all over town or sign up for overpriced subscriptions to paid stock photo websites.

I have rounded up my top 10 go-to sources for stock photos I’ve saved over time. These sites have photos that are either public domain or licensed through Creative Commons, so you can use them for free in your products. Make sure you bookmark these sites so you can come back to them any time you start a new project!

Tips for finding stock photos:

  • Search for photos using a couple of similar terms (i.e.: baby, children, family).
  • Save each photo with the name of the site you found it on (i.e.: unsplashed-photo name.jpg)


1. unsplash: My top choice for good pictures of people, things, and nature.


2. lifeofpix.com: good for pictures of things-nature, buildings, objects, animals


3. kaboompics.com: good for pictures of people, things, and nature


4. albumarium.com: good for pictures of people, things, and nature


5. picjumbo.com: stock site chock full of original photos of all kinds of nouns – people, places, and things.


6. gratisography.com: for quirky, artistic, creative stock photos


7. deathtostockphoto.com: receive high quality, themed packs of photos via email at least monthly.


8. startupstockphotos.com: ideal images for business, meetings/collaboration, technology and overall productive looking photos


9. New Old Stock: free vintage photos


10. WikiMedia Commons: For very specific photos of things (e.g.: one time I was looking for photos of tenements in the late 19th century New York and Levittown Suburb photos for a video project on housing)

Screenshot: WikiMedia Commons